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What would you do if you had a million dollars?

Either I'd give it to my parents or pay for the ASPCA (the pets' charities organization)
If you could ask the leader of your country anything, what would it be?

I'd ask, "What would you like for us, as citizens, to do to help you help us?" (If that makes any sense at all.)
Yes, I do. I refuse to believe otherwise!!!!!!!
How long have you had your best friend?
I have known my BFF for 10 years!
Do you think women are treated as equals? What changes would you like to see?

That all women (supermodels and everygirls alike) are treated like gold.....
What’s the coolest way you’ve celebrated your birthday?
On my 21st birthday, me and my friend (who was born on the same day and year), went to Benihana's!
Who are your favorite television or movie villains? What makes them so deliciously evil?

Shere Khan....he was a very devious, diabolical cat..........
Who was the worst boss you’ve ever had? Did you ever get your revenge?

I have to say that my boss (er, supervisor) from the Human Services Public Health Department was the worse bosses I've had. I despised her. Unfortunately, if I tried to get my revenge, she'd either dock my pay or let me go.
What's the most memorable piece of advice your father has shared with you?

I was able to go fishing with him! He was completely euphoric about the fishing trip, and that made me happy.
Which comic book character would you like to see on the silver screen? Who would you cast to play the role?

Here are three cartoons I want on Silver Screen:

Lion-O: Jackson Rathbone
Tygra: Hugh Jackman
Panthro: Leonard Roberts
Cheetara: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Thunderkittens: Alexa Vega/Daniel Radcliffe
Lynxo: Ian McKellen
Bengali: Ashton Kutcher
Pumyra: Jada Pinkett Smith
Snarf: Dee Bradley Baker

Max Ray: Tom Selleck
Jake Rockwell: John C. Reilly
Ace McCloud: Taylor Kitsch
Crystal Kane: Felicia Day

Sailor Moon:
Sailor Moon: Taylor Momsen
Sailor Mercury: Mischa Barton
Sailor Mars: Christina Ricci
Sailor Jupiter: Linda Cardellini
Sailor Venus: Anna Paquin
Tuxedo Mask: Taylor Lautner